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If you’re in search of a local PC repair expert, look no further.

Whatever the computer issue, we’ve got you

Providing skilled, reliable, and honest service to Cairns residents and businesses. You can trust us to get your tech back on track!

Over 10 years of experience

Located in Cairns, we offer a range of services, including mobile onsite repairs, workshop services, and remote support, catering to the needs of Cairns residents and small businesses. Rest assured, your tech is in safe hands with us!

Our team is well-trained to handle a wide range of technical problems, be it software or hardware faults, viruses, or malware, on PCs, laptops, or Macs.

Perhaps your computer has crashed, and you’re worried about losing your data, or maybe it’s running slow and could use an upgrade or service.

Convenient Smithfield Repair Shop

Onsite Workshop Services

Mobile Services

Mac Repairs

At Get That Geek, we can perform all types of MacBook repairs from broken or cracked front screens to replacing LCD screens. We also repair logic boards.

All our work comes with a 12-month warranty to give you peace of mind.

Frequent Issues We Fix

Software Troubleshooting

Hardware Problems

Resolving Email Issues

PC Startup Booting and Freezing

The Terrifying Blue Screen of Death

Networking and WIFI

New Hardware Installing

Resolving Email Issues

Building Brand New PCs to Specification

Moving Your Data to a New PC

Printer and Scanner Setup

Why choose Get That Geek?

Competitive Hourly Rate of $150 for the 1st hour

Diagnosis of problem only $75

Remote Support for Small or Time-Sensitive Issues

Same-Day Service Available

The Terrifying Blue Screen of Death

Networking and WIFI

Professional and Friendly Service

Resolving Email Issues

Explanation in Simple Non-Technical Terms

Majority of Repairs Completed in 1-2 Hours

Quick Onsite Diagnosis – Usually within 15 Minutes

Multiple Solutions Offered