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Screen Replacement Service

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Our work comes with a 12 month warranty

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We replace screens for Windows laptops, notebooks, & select Apple products.

Laptop Screen Replacement

We specialise in all makes and models with very competitive prices. We can give you a fixed price so contact us for an accurate quote.

What’s even better is that we hold stock of many models, so a very fast turnaround time is almost guaranteed for you.

Whether your laptop is 15.6 inches or a different size, we can undertake repairs for both smaller and larger laptops. The primary concern is obtaining the specific screen for your particular device.

Additionally, we offer other repair services such as keyboard, battery, or fan replacements. Consider getting multiple repairs done simultaneously for added convenience!

Laptop screens can be easily replaced if they are suffering from issues such as:

Dark screen on one side

Multicoloured lines on the screen

Black screen or No Display

Broken or cracked screen

Lines running down your screen

Bleeding LCD

Smashed screen

Flickering Screen

Dim Laptop Screen

Screen malfunctioning

MacBook Screen Repair

All MacBook and iMac screen repairs come with:




12 Month

10 year Mac Experience

Unlike other repair centres, we won’t charge you extra because you are a Mac owner. Please contact us for confirmation regarding your specific Apple Mac device.

Unsupported Devices

We do not provide repair services for Microsoft Surface, Tablets, or Mobile Phones.

Laptop Touchscreen Repair

These types of screens include not only your digitiser but the LCD screen too so often the whole screen assembly needs to be replaced which is more expensive than standard screen replacements.

We can give you a fixed price quote and you can usually have it repaired within 1 day, at the most competitive price in Cairns. You are welcome to get in touch using our QUOTE FORM and we can text you back with a price.

Screen Replacement Cost

To provide an accurate quote, kindly provide us with the make and model of your device, ensuring we can source the appropriate screen and offer the total price.

For a standard Windows laptop, the typical cost includes $90 for labor and the screen cost, which is around $150 for a standard non-touchscreen laptop.

Time Frames

Usually, we can obtain replacement screens from our supplier within 2-3 business days. Once it arrives, we can replace it on the same day, or at the latest, the following day.

If you wish to confirm the timeline, feel free to give us a call, and we can discuss it over the phone.

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Competitive Hourly Rate of $150 for the 1st hour

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Same-Day Service Available

The Terrifying Blue Screen of Death

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Professional and Friendly Service

Resolving Email Issues

Explanation in Simple Non-Technical Terms

Majority of Repairs Completed in 1-2 Hours

Quick Onsite Diagnosis – Usually within 15 Minutes

Multiple Solutions Offered